Artist: Kreator
Album: Phantom Antichrist
Label: Nuclear Blast
Playtime: 45:21 min
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rip date: 2012-06-02
Street date: 2012-06-05
Size: 96.62 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 280 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo
- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -
Here's the new album from Germany's classic thrash metal band. I love how
these guys haven't changed a bit since I was in high school. Their lyrics are
always awesome too.. they have a knowledge of the occult that is well beyond
most bands out there. Sweet shit. Buy the deluxe for a full live set on DVD.
FNT: Celebrating 10 years TODAY of buying music and weed instead of food and
rent. Not sure how I'm still alive, but I wouldn't trade this decade for
anything. I really never thought I'd be at it for this long, and I hope to
continue making people's ears jizz all over the world for years to cum. Even
though my fellow rippers and old scene friends are pretty much gone.. I've
still got this.
FNT: Also celebrating 10 years of stoned rants about every album I rip and
how awesome I am.
- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -
01. Mars Mantra ( 1:18)
02. Phantom Antichrist ( 4:30)
03. Death To The World ( 4:53)
04. From Flood Into Fire ( 5:25)
05. Civilization Collapse ( 4:13)
06. United In Hate ( 4:30)
07. The Few, The Proud, The Broken ( 4:37)
08. Your Heaven My Hell ( 5:53)
09. Victory Will Come ( 4:14)
10. Until Our Paths Cross Again ( 5:48)