°  ÛÛ    ÛÛ     Artist: Destruction                            ÛÛ    ÛÛ
   ²   Û°° þÛ       Album: Spiritual Genocide                      Ûþ °°Û
   þ    Û²ß Û        Year: 2012                                    Û ß²Û   °
         Û  ²   Rel. Date: 2012-11-27                              ²  Û
        ±   ±       Genre: Thrash Metal                            ±   ±
         ÛÜ °       Label: Nuclear Blast                           ° ÜÛ
      °   ÛÜ  °    Source: CD                                    °  ÜÛ
      °      Û²      Type: Album                                 ²Û        °
      ²       Û   Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo            Û   °     ²
      ²       Û                                                  Û   °     ²
      Ü       þ                                                  þ   ²     þ
            °Û                                                    Û° ß
            Û  “For the anniversary album, we’ve really knuckled   Û
            Û  down big-time – we’ve never been so fast, brutal    Û
            Û  and groovy before!“ (Schmier, DESTRUCTION) …which   Û
            Û  is saying something after 30 years in the metal     Û
            Û  business! When a combo is still able to write       Û
            Û  high-energy balls to the wall songs overflowing     Û
            Û  with power and joy of playing after all this time,  Û
            Û  one can justifiably bespeak it as an outstanding    Û
            Û  achievement. Founded in 1982 by Schmier, Mike and   Û
            Û  Tommy, whose drumming duties have been taken over   Û
            Û  by natural Vaaver two years ago after several       Û
            Û  personnel changes, DESTRUCTION have risen to the    Û
            Û  position of one of Germany’s most impressive        Û
            Û  thrash metal figureheads in the course of time –    Û
            Û  famous for releasing premium juggernauts of sound   Û
            Û  and notorious for their merciless live massacres.   Û
            Û  When Rock Hard Germany calls the upcoming           Û
            Û  anniversary album »Spiritual Genocide« “the most    Û
            Û  diversified DESTRUCTION record of the               Û
            Û  post-re-union phase“, it doesn’t only reflect the   Û
            Û  overall press reception perfectly, which            Û
            Û  ecstatically sways between joy at the presented     Û
            Û  trademark aggression and surprise in view of the    Û
            Û  atmospherically grooving parts, but also takes the  Û
            Û  exact line that Schmier and his band mates had in   Û
            Û  mind. “While we might have been slightly raddled    Û
            Û  here and there in recent years, there are no        Û
            Û  boundaries anymore on this album“, affirms the      Û
            Û  front man forcibly. Moreover, old friends and       Û
            Û  companions paid the band a visit when they were     Û
            Û  occupying the Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf,        Û
            Û  Germany together with extreme metal experts Martin  Û
            Û  Buchwalter and Andy Classen: SODOM’s Tom            Û
            Û  Angelripper and TANKARD’s Gerre raised their hats   Û
            Û  to their thrash brothers in the form of guest       Û
            Û  contributions. Be assured: When DESTRUCTION sound   Û
            Û  the charge once again before the end of the year,   Û
            Û  no thrash metal disciple will be able to escape     Û
            Û  from the fanned inferno. No matter how fast you’ll  Û
            Û  run – the Mad Butcher will eventually get you all!  Û
            ²                                                      ²
            ±                                                      ±
            °  1.  Exordium                                  1:02  °
            °  2.  Cyanide                                   3:23  °
            °  3.  Spiritual Genocide                        3:39  °
            °  4.  Renegades                                 4:01  °
            °  5.  City of Doom                              4:01  °
            °  6.  No Signs of Repentance                    3:24  °
            °  7.  To Dust You Will Decay                    4:21  °
            °  8.  Legacy of the Past                        4:50  °
            °  9.  Carnivore                                 4:28  °
            °  10. Riot Squad                                4:12  °
            °  11. Under Violent Sledge                      4:09  °
            °  12. Princess of the Night (Bonus Track)       3:51  °
            °  13. Carnivore (Special Version Featuring      4:29  °
            °      Olly & Harry) (Bonus Track)                     °
            °                                               49:50  °